Stainz-R-Out Home uses the incredible cleaning power of our Stainz-R-Out formula to deep clean even the dirtiest carpets in your home. Our team has years of experience, provides all cleaners and offers pricing per room! Stainz-R-Out Home uses CRB machines (Counter Rotating Brush)which work well on all types of carpeting. The counter rotation of the brushes comb, straighten, and lift the carpet fibers providing the cleaners with a big advantage.  After use, the carpet fibers are left standing at attention, making the hot water extraction method that much more effective at removing suspended soil. A better clean in no time is what makes Stainz-R-Out Home the solution to your dirty carpet woes!

Carpet – Compound dry cleaning | Encapsulation dry cleaning | Pile lifting | Dry soil removal
Hard Surface – Floor washing | Scrubbing/drying | Tile and grout cleaning
Rugs – Splash-water proof construction is IP 54 certified, even working in several inches of water for scrubbing submersed rugs. Super quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying

Superior Cleaning

  • Heavy-duty motor spins brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber.
  • Included Renovators allow you to collect soil that normal vacuuming is unable to remove.
  • Cylindrical brush agitation carries the soil from the bottom of the pile to the top so it can be encapsulated and removed later through vacuuming. Pads drive the soil deeper into the pile and leave “blooms” that have to removed later.
  • Pads are not effective at cleaning uneven surfaces like grout lines, while our system excels at removing soil on difficult-to-clean surfaces.

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